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Advice to UK Reps on CEN TCs concerned with products used for water supply systems
Inclusion of UK Regulatory Requirements in Harmonised Standards “hENs”

Under Mandate M136Rev2 several CEN TCs are preparing to start work on the preparation of hENs for products in contact with drinking water. It has been noticed that there may be situations where UK regulatory requirements (sometimes termed Regulator Specifications) are not covered by the provisions of the Mandate or material produced to support it. Where this is the case, UK representatives will need to feed in the relevant requirement.

The hEN development work falls into two categories:
• Fitness for contact with drinking water – providing assurance on the acceptability of the materials which make up the product.
• Mechanical performance

Fitness for Contact
Work is in hand under the auspices of the E Commission to provide “Regulatory Guidance” to TCs on the test requirements specified in national regulations that need to be included in the hEN. In several cases TCs are being encouraged to contribute their own knowledge of test requirements. Drafts of the Guidance will be circulated before final confirmation, and this should provide the opportunity for UK representatives to check that UK requirements are covered.
The situation is not altogether straightforward, in that the UK (DWI) is collaborating with France, Germany and the Netherlands (in the 4MS Group) to develop a common approach to product assessment and approval. This does mean that national requirements will be developing in the coming months and years. The 4MS will themselves be making inputs to the process of drafting Regulatory Guidance.

Mechanical Performance
Requirements here are specified for the UK in the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations and the supporting Regulator Specifications. A fitting will be acceptable if:
a) It bears an appropriate CE Marking
b) It conforms to an appropriate hEN or European Technical Approval
c) It conforms to an appropriate British Standard or some other national specification of an EEA State which provides an equivalent level of protection and performance, or
d) It conforms to a Regulator Specification.

It had been recognised that there may be requirements under d) which are not being picked up at the European level for inclusion in the hENs. UK representatives should draw attention to any such items when the programme of work is being prepared by the TC in response to the Mandate. It will be helpful if such representations need to be made for the relevant regulatory documentation to be submitted.

For more information please see the information/documents on the following websites:

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